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Propose an Issue

Publicly funded research should benefit everyone, and most research funders nowadays require open publishing of research results. If you have not yet established an open-access means to distribute the research findings from your current or future project, Human Technology could assist.

In addition to its regularly published issues comprising papers accepted through our open-submissions process, Human Technology frequently publishes thematic issues focusing in depth on specific topics in the diverse fields within human–technology interaction. Many guest editors seeking to have a special issue publish appreciate that Human Technology is fully open access to readers around the world. 

Typically, special issues are funded through the monies designated within projects for results dissemination. Choosing to work with Human Technology as either a contracted service or dissemination partner brings several benefits for the project within a “gold” open access publishing environment. For example, the project leaders, or their delegates, would serve as the guest editors of a thematic issue. Other benefits include

  • An open access journal issue in which all papers are fully and immediately available to readers worldwide upon publication;
  • Authors retaining the copyright to the content of their papers; Human Technology retains right to the version published on its Website;
  • Papers published separately in PDF format, as well as collected into a full issue also published in PDF format, which provides a more comprehensive presentation of the project’s results than a green open access process;
  • The ability of guest editors to frame and contextualize their research and the original papers that compose the thematic issue through their introductory editorial;
  • A public vehicle that can acknowledge the funding organization(s) and research partners;
  • Assistance for the guest editors throughout the submission, review, evaluation, and pre-production processes by the experienced editorial staff of Human Technology;
  • Copyediting and layout services on all papers provided by Human Technology’s staff; and
  • Promotion of the issue through Human Technology’s e-notification service of regular readers and other marketing channels.

Researchers and academics wishing to explore the opportunities available in publishing a thematic issue with Human Technology as either the dissemination partner in a project or as a publication service through contractual agreement are asked to contact Human Technology for additional information and specification of needs. Please contact Editors in Chief: Kristiina Korjonen‐Kuusipuro and Adam Wojciechowski of Human Technology (

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