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For Authors

Human Technology subscribes to the values and practices of Open Access publishing. Therefore, no fees are charged to authors for submission to, processing by, or publication in Human Technology. In addition, authors retain copyright to their published papers.

Submitting Manuscripts

Human Technology accepts manuscripts meeting the aim and the scope of the journal (see the Mission Statement) on an ongoing basis, in addition to manuscripts submitted for thematic issues.

Legal Requirements

Human Technology upholds various ethical standards regarding papers submitted to this journal, as well as for the editors, reviewers, and publisher. In addition, submitting authors should be clearly aware of the legal requirements associated with journal article publishing and the open access standards under wh ich Human Technology publishes.

Manuscript Preparation Details

Articles submitted to Human Technology for consideration may be written in any recognized publication style. However, if the article is taken into the publication consideration process, all revised versions must be written within Human Technology’s editorial style guidelines for citations, references, and English language, which is a modified version of the style presented in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (referred to here as the APA Manual; 6th ed. is preferred but 5th ed. is acceptable). The author is responsible for meeting these stylistic requirements.

Final Submission Checklist

Please be sure the submission of the final manuscript meets the standards provided in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (referred to here as APA Manual; 6th ed. is preferred, but 5th ed. is acceptable), with the exceptions specifically for Human Technology noted in the Final Manuscript Preparation Details.