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Review, revisions, and proofing process

Human Technology has a specified process for the review and revision of articles in preparation for publication.

For information on the typical editorial process, see the Editorial Process description.

Prior to publication, corresponding authors will receive a PDF version of their manuscript for final proofing. Proofreading of this final manuscript is the responsibility of the corresponding author and must be completed within the time specified by Human Technology’s managing editor. At this point, the author is entitled to formal corrections of the manuscript only. Substantial or substantive changes in content (e.g., new results, corrected values, changes in title and/or authorship) are not permitted without the approval of the editor-in-chief. No changes will be made after the paper has been published.

Authors must sign the Author’s Warranty and Publication Agreement prior to the manuscript’s publication in Human Technology. A scanned version (in PDF) of the Warranty with the corresponding author’s signature that is uploaded to Human Technology’s publishing management system provides legal confirmation that the manuscript as provided in the most current version of the paper can be published by Human Technology.