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Legal Requirements

Human Technology upholds various ethical standards regarding papers submitted to this journal, as well as for the editors, reviewers, and publisher. In addition, submitting authors should be clearly aware of the legal requirements associated with journal article publishing and the open access standards under which Human Technology publishes.

By submitting a manuscript to Human Technology, the author (or the corresponding author on behalf of his/her co-authors) guarantees that the paper is original and the text is not under consideration for publication or has been published elsewhere (including in any online forums). In addition, the corresponding author affirms that all co-authors have approved of the manuscript and have agreed to submit it to Human Technology. Finally, the authors must guarantee that the responsible authorities at the institution where the work has been carried out are aware of and (explicitly) approve of the potential publishing of the manuscript associated with their organization. 

In order to submit a paper for publication consideration in Human Technology, you will be asked during the submission process to confirm that the paper is original; that any manuscript based on institutional, organizational, or company research has received the appropriate permissions from the organization regarding publication of results; and that the corresponding author has read and abides by the elements outlined in Human Technology's Ethical Standards.

If figures or texts passages included in the manuscript have been published previously, the authors are required to obtain (and submit to Human Technology prior to publication) reprint permission from the original author and/or all copyright holders. Any materials received without such copyright permissions will be assumed to be the original work of the author, and the author bears full responsibility for any copyright infringement.

In addition, if the submitted manuscript includes photographs or images of identifiable individuals, the author is required to provide a signed permission from each individual indicating he/she agrees to his/her image being published in the manuscript and in online versions of the published manuscript. These signed permissions must be submitted prior to publication.

Authors retain the copyright to their articles (see the Terms and Conditions of Use and Copyright Information); Human Technology retains copyright to the online published version. Prior to the publication, the author (or corresponding author on behalf of his/her co-authors) must sign an Author's Warranty and Publication Agreement [download]. In addition, the authors acknowledge that no compensation for the manuscript will be given.